Remote ExPERT™
Logo Remote ExPERT™Pre-evaluate! Our experienced H2020-experts are specialised in specific challenges and calls, they come with proven track records in preparing, managing and assessing EU-projects, and can help you in being selected.


intra-murosAlthough non-disclosure agreements are part of our service package, your proposal might be too sensitive for a remote ExPERT™ procedure. We therefore offer the INTRA MUROS ExPERT™ package where the experts complete their job at your location and no document needs to leave your premises.

Ex-ante ExPERT™

ex-anteYou may need to leverage the expert’s experience earlier, already when you start preparing the proposal. With Ex-ante ExPERT™ we offer a consultancy package for the preparation phase, do’s and don’ts, partner selection etc – we address the issues difficult to correct in the final phase.


confidentialityExPERT™ team members and evaluators are bound by strict confidentiality agreements that will be part of our contractual relationship. Your documents will be individualised and watermarked before being securely sent to our expert team.


evaluatorsOur experts review your proposal according to the Commission’s evaluation criteria and procedures. We select the experts following similar rules as the Commission employs.

Key to success

key-to-successWe guarantee qualified feedback and constructive advice to significantly enhance the quality of your proposal and chances of winning.